Club News

Additional Classes

New Class added to pulls at Franklin County Rec Park ONLY! "Friendly Farm non-competition" class Designation.

Class will only take place at Antique Farm Days and Ag Fair Pulls only.

Friendly Farm non-competition tractors

All A class rules will apply, 3mph speed limit, no turbo, and two wheel drives only (if tractor is four wheel drive they may pull, but tractor must be in two wheel drive).

12,000lb max weight

Tractors must have fixed drawbar that is below 20" in height

Tractors must have clevis on drawbar for pull point

wheelie bars will not be required for this class. A flagger will be in place to govern front end height as well as a 12" ribbon tied to the front of the tractor, if the ribbon loses contact with the ground the tractor will be flagged at that point and pull will be called from that distance.

Drivers must be 12 years of age minimum and be able to drive tractor across scales and back up to sled to pull. Parent must sign a waiver stating child is capable of driving tractor.

A one day $5 membership fee will apply for all non-members with a $10 per hook fee.

Addition of B Class rules

All B class rules will apply as well as same speed limit of 6mph

Maximum tire size allowed is 18.4 x 38" in the 3,000 - 8,000lb classes.

• A class tractors may now run 15.5x38 max tire size in weight classes 4000# and under.

• All classes -
Front weight brackets may extend 11 feet from center of the rear axle to the furthest point on any tractor including the length of the hang on weights.

Tractors with later year model up to 1965 may compete.